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emsTradepoint Gas Market

emsTradepoint is an energy exchange designed to provide a highly liquid, transparent and widely accessible trading platform for natural gas in New Zealand. emsTradepoint provides a centralised exchange platform and standardised terms for buying and selling natural gas on the Maui and Vector transmission pipelines. Developed in 2013 by EMS and an industry consortium consisting of several key industry participants, emsTradepoint offers end-to-end anonymous trading and a central counterparty to settle the markets, both financially and physically.


For more information go to the emsTradepoint website here.

FTR Manager

Financial Transmission Rights (FTR) are financial hedges designed to protect energy traders from price uncertainty between nodes caused by transmission losses and constraints. Energy Market Services has been appointed by the Electricity Authority as the FTR Manager Service Provider. The market commenced in 2013 following significant industry consultation and development of the Code requirements for FTRs.

Visit the FTR Manager website for background information on the FTR market and service.

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