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Manager EMS Delivery - Richard Rowell

As Manager EMS Delivery, Richard leads the operational services and system development programme for EMS. Richard has worked as a system design expert in the electricity industry since 1996 and in that time has developed unique in depth knowledge of market processes and rules. Richard was the Lead Designer and subject matter expert for the profiling and reconciliation system for the NZ electricity market and the profiling and meter data management solution for the Australia Electricity Market MSATS system. He lead the EMS implementation of the new systems and services to provide Financial Transmission Rights (FTR’s) to the NZ electricity industry.

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Manager EMS Development - Quintin Tahau

As Manager EMS Development, Quintin leads the EMS business development team focusing on new service opportunities, technologies and market innovation, as well as Transpowers Demand Response service and emsTradepoint, the gas spot market. Quintin has been pivotal in establishing and developing the Demand Response programme in the New Zealand electricity industry. In June 2016, Quintin also assumed the role of General Manager of emsTradepoint to further grow the business.

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Metering Services Manager - Ian Martin

As Metering Services Manager, Ian is responsible for the management of EMS’ grid metering and data collection activities. Ian oversees the approval of grid metering designs and settings, collection and processing of grid metering data and the management of grid metering activities and projects. Ian has over 30 years experience in the electricity industry including the role of Engineering Manager at Metering Systems Ltd (MSL) and Technician, Engineering Design and Project Manager at The Power Company. Ian continues to demonstrate extensive specialist knowledge in the areas of metering, remote data collection and load control.

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