Our unique expertise and proactive approach means we're well positioned to help you manage distributed energy resources in your network.

Managing distributed energy resources is an increasingly attractive proposition for energy distributors as networked solar, battery, and wind resources continue to grow across New Zealand.

ems provides Distributed Energy Resource management service to companies wishing to unlock the potential of DER through our custom-built software.

We can help you:

  • access the central registry for distributed energy resources in New Zealand
  • create a bespoke programme
  • register your programme participants and their capabilities
  • orchestrate your resources with event management
  • send electronic signals to end users and their devices
  • validate the process with measurement and verification tools
  • manage the settlement and billing process
  • share response capabilities between parties.

We’ve worked to ensure our software meets the technical requirements of today – and tomorrow.

Our technical standards

We are OpenADR 2.0a &b certified – OpenADR is a simple two-way information exchange model that allows energy management and control. With our certified software, your programme can integrate with devices in a standardised messaging environment – which is highly secure and enables automation. It also means that “Fast DER” programmes can be established that control energy resources in near real-time.

Our platform is also DREDS (AS/NZS:4755) enabled. This is the Australian/New Zealand Demand Response Enabled Device Standard – the technical spec that various smart appliances are required to meet. Our software seamlessly integrates those appliances with the controls and instructions provided by owners and (with permission) by your programme. Our DER platform can enable you to take full advantage of these resources in your network, to support load management and avoid demand peaks.

A case study: Building Transpower’s Demand Response Programme

ems currently enables Transpower’s Demand Response Programme, coordinating 230 MW of available resources across New Zealand. This Programme involves diverse energy resources, including large and small commercial and industrial businesses, wastewater schemes, irrigation, batteries, solar panel systems, electric vehicles, and recently, smart heat pumps.

You can read more about Transpower’s programme on their website.