A marketplace to enable your energy future through spot and forward trading

Our focus on open and transparent market access enables users to trade with confidence. We act as the central counterparty, providing full anonymity and transactional certainty to all trades. Participants can balance their energy portfolio by taking advantage of spot market trading alongside traditional trading agreements. Our market is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year and we're committed to lowering barriers to entry for interested parties.

emsTradepoint is the smart way to trade New Zealand natural gas.

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Natural Gas

We list physical natural gas contracts for delivery at the Trading Region South Hub on the Maui pipeline. You can trade gas on the day or for forward delivery at the hub that is at the centre of the New Zealand gas transmission network.

About us

emsTradepoint is a commodity trading exchange that provides anonymity, transparent pricing and transactional certainty.

Created in 2013, emsTradepoint established a spot market for trading natural gas in New Zealand. This proven trading platform has become a trusted alternative to natural gas bilateral agreements between buyers and sellers.

Established by Transpower New Zealand Limited, in 2015 emsTradepoint Limited was made a wholly-owned subsidiary. Effective governance is central to our operation as an independent, reliable and efficient exchange.

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Quintin Tahau
General Manager
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Kerry Wilkins
Markets Manager
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Cathy Lawless
Markets Analyst


Example Market Wrap - 10 February 2020

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JUL-19 Trading Volumes

Gas trading on emsTradepoint jumped sharply last month.

October gas trading hits record high

Gas trading on emsTradepoints platform hit record highs.


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