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Data Administration
EMS provides data administration services for electricity generators, retailers and distributors. Data administration supports the market requirements for the provision of metering data for reconciliation and billing through remote interrogation of metering, data validation and data verification. Validated data can be reported to various parties in a range of file formats that are specific to your requirements. EMS systems and services are ISO 9001 certified.

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Meter Data Management
EMS provides effective and efficient collection and management of customer metering data to support the wholesale reconciliation and retail billing activities. EMS Network Services are designed to assist with infrastructure, operational and financial analysis. EMS provides a range of services to electricity distribution companies including Zone Substation metering, demand metering, and customised detailed monthly usage analysis and reports.

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Allocation Agent
EMS is contracted by the Gas Industry Company to carry out the functions and obligations of the Allocation Agent under the Gas (Downstream Reconciliation) Rules 2008. The Allocation Agent role was established when the Rules came into effect in June 2008, with the primary objective of carrying out, on a monthly basis, daily allocations of gas quantities to retailers at each gas gate.

The Allocation Agent gas reconciliation website can be found here.

Demand Response
EMS has hosted Transpower’s demand response management system (DRMS) since 2012. In early 2015 we extended the DRMS to include a mobile app for iOS. EMS’ demand response service was further extended in October 2015 to include Transpower’s demand response team to provide ongoing demand response services to Transpower. Demand response is a rapidly expanding opportunity and could grow beyond the current transmission alternative use. EMS’ proactive approach leaves it well placed to introduce innovative demand-side services to the broader NZ electricity market.

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Financial Transmission Rights
Energy Market Services is contracted by the Electricity Authority as the FTR Manager. This is a service provider role under the Code. The service contract included implementation and ongoing management of the market system. The first FTR auction was held in June 2013.

The FTR market system and more information about the market can be found here.

Managed Services