The I-TRACK Foundation

I-Track is a non-profit organization that provides a robust attribute tracking standard for use around the world: the International Attribute Tracking Standard (the Standard). I-TRACK website

The Standard

The Standard requires local stakeholders and government authorities to facilitate national implementation in adherence to local and national regulations. I-TRACK Standard download

The Standard defines how various organizations can coordinate and facilitate attribute tracking systems and their associated markets, be Accredited or proven as compliant with the regulations outlined in the Standard, as well as ensure that affiliated tracking Products (not only electricity but also those beyond the energy sector) are accurately tracked. Although the Standard does not define the Products adherent to the Standard, it ensures that all Products adhere to the same high-quality requirements.

The I-TRACK Standard governing board has approved Evident as the owner of the I-REC (E) Product code and associated documents. Follow the link to the I-REC(E) Documentation to learn more.

The I-TRACK Standard and the Evident I-REC(E) Prorduct code ensure that all the RECs issued nationally adhere with all major international standards. including