We provide electricity industry data in a range of flexible packages and rates, to support your business activities when and where you need it.

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Free data and visuals

Free dashboards showing real time price and generation data

  • Latest market prices
  • Carbon emissions indicators
  • Generation summary and load data at node level
  • North Island Wind Generation forecast graph


Latest market price and forecast information

  • Current wholesale electricity prices around the country
  • Graphs displaying recent price fluctuations
  • Price trends and forecasts for previous, current and future trading periods
  • Downloadable reports for all pricing schedules at any nationwide price node
  • API feeds to tap into for your own use

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Half-hourly carbon emissions data

We produce our own half-hourly emissions data feed based on generation data and carbon intensity factors for each power generator supplying the national grid.

  • Free current carbon intensity indicator and API feed
  • Renewable energy generation percentage dial
  • Historic carbon intensity emissions data API feed

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Wide range of load and generation data

Incredible range of load generation data across the grid, available via downloadable CSV reports, API feeds or displayed on our dashboards.

  • Real-time minute by minute SCADA load data
  • Load predictions graph showing movements in system operator forecasting
  • Thirty-minute HVDC flow data
  • Residuals data for New Zealand and by island, for different schedules
  • RCPD and yearly peaks information


Dynamic Carbon Tracker

The Dynamic Carbon Tracker (DCT) tracks Aotearoa’s progress toward climate targets by using the latest dynamic data to estimate New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions.

It is the only tool that captures change in New Zealand's emissions on a daily basis nationally and by sector. DCT aligns its reports with MfE's New Zealand Greenhouse Gas Inventory (NZGGI) and uses the dominant patterns in each sector efficiently to provide a dynamic and predictive model.

  • National emissions
  • Sector emissions
  • Emissions index