We provide flexible packages and rates, to support your business activities when and where you need it.


We help keep your business informed with the latest energy market data through a suite of essential products:


Real Time Market Prices

  • 5 minute prices available at each market node
  • All NZ market nodes are available as JSON API


NZ Grid Emissions

  • NZ Emissions available in Real time
  • Year to date and monthly totals
  • Emissions in grams per kWh for everyday consumers


Regional Coincident Peak Demand (RCPD)

  • RCPD reports of load
  • RCPD graph updated every 10 minutes and in near real time (1 min)
  • RCPD current peaks for each region


Node Load Trends

  • Load values at selected nodes update every 10 minutes
  • Load trends up or down
  • Equivalent trading period peak assessment


NZ Load Trends

  • NZ Load trends
  • Load - 1 week trends
  • Corresponding peaks in last week


NZ Generation Summary

  • Aggregated generation information by generation type eg: wind
  • Aggregated capacity of each generation type

Some of our customers use all these products, some use just a few. Whatever your needs, talk to us today about how em6 could help your business get ahead.

A comprehensive integration guide that lists all the APIs available used to power em6 can be found here.


spotlight on: em6 Load Forecasting

We’ve partnered with TESLA to deliver a subscription-based forecasting service.

Our forecasts can deliver value through:

  • basis risk management
  • generation scheduling to optimise revenue
  • network and peak load management
  • demand analysis to optimise peak load connection charges
  • forecast analysis of market prices
  • demand response.

We’re happy to arrange a demonstration of this product – just get in touch and one of our team will be in contact.