We provide flexible packages and rates, to support your business activities when and where you need it.

Our services

We help keep your business informed with the latest energy market data through a suite of essential products:

  • SCADA – real time SCADA MW generation, load and HVDC at each node
  • RCPD – Regional Coincident Peak Demand reports of load and current peaks for each region
  • em6 load forecast – a subscription-based load forecasting service for the New Zealand energy industry
  • Prices – reports detailing NZ electricity forecast, dispatch and final prices.

Some of our customers use all these products, some use just a few. Whatever your needs, talk to us today about how em6 could help your business get ahead.


spotlight on: em6 Load Forecasting

We’ve partnered with TESLA to deliver a subscription-based forecasting service.

Our forecasts can deliver value through:

  • basis risk management
  • generation scheduling to optimise revenue
  • network and peak load management
  • demand analysis to optimise peak load connection charges
  • forecast analysis of market prices
  • demand response.

We’re happy to arrange a demonstration of this product – just get in touch and one of our team will be in contact.