Updated 28 Feb 2024

Updated Customer Onboarding Pack

I-REC(E) Product

For information on the I-REC(E) product follow the link to the I-TRACK page IREC(E) Product

This page has lots of information on all things I-REC(E) and so please go here for information on the product and how it operates around the world.

I-REC(E) Product Code

The I-REC(E) Product code is the document that defines how I-REC(E) operates and detailed information on the two roles (Registrant and Participant) we outline below.

To access a copy of the I-REC(E) product code download a copy from the above I-Track link or via either of the Onboarding packs we provide Onboarding to IREC(E).

What is a Registrant

An Entity responsible for acting on behalf of the owner of a Production Facility regarding the registration of the facility for a specific Product and associated Issue Requests. As an example, an I-REC(E) Registrant acts on behalf of an electricity generation facility and is authorized to request issuance of I-REC(E)s based on the attributes of the energy production.

What is the role of the Registrant?
A Registrant is the only entity that can request device registration or issuance of Product Certificates. They can do this on behalf of a device owner or on their own behalf (if they themselves are device owners). The Registrant has direct contact with the Issuer authorized to conduct issuance in a specific country or region. Once the Issuer has approved the device registration, a Registrant can request certificate issuance for that device. To request certificate issuance, the Registrant will choose their device and request issuance for a specific period. The Registrant must always request Product Certificates be issued into the account (trade account) of a Participant. Registrants can also be a Participant.

Making Site Facility Registration and REC requests

The following guide provides information on how a Regsitrant operates within the Evident Web Portal.
Registrant User Guide

What is a Participant

The end-user of the Product Certificate (or a third-party representing them). A Participant is an Entity who manages one or more trade or Redemption Accounts within the Registry. Participants are the specified owners of Product Certificates held within their Accounts. At the time of Redemption, a Participant may nominate a Beneficiary to receive rights to the Product Certificate.

Operating as a Participant

The following guide provides information on how a Participant operates within the Evident Web Portal.
Participant User Guide

Evident's Role within I-REC(E)

Evident, On behalf of I-TRACK operate IREC(E) Product through ownership of the Product code, sign up of users and delivery of the Evident Web Portal.

The Evident Web Portal enables all I-REC(E) users to operate within the product and deliver the prescribed roles they have signed up for.
Access to the Evident Portal is via the following link Evident Registry or via the 'Login to I-REC' link at the top of this page.

Learn more about Evident

More informartion on IREC(E)

For information about IREC(E) onboarding requirements and Fees refer to the following pages

What is required to join I-REC(E) and register Facilities Onboarding to IREC(E)

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