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Market Performance

  • Traded volume on the market increased by 63% last week, to 283 TJ.
  • We saw monthly brokered strips traded for May to September, 1,000 GJ/day at $12.80.
  • Delivered volume fell again compared to last week, down 32% to 232 TJ.
  • Prices were higher last week. Delivered VWAP increased by 13% to $10.59.
  • Both FRMI and FRQI increased last week, to $9.70 for FRMI, and $9.01 for FRQI.
  • Gas generation fell by 10% last week, making up 9.7% of the electricity generation mix.
  • The price separation between North and South Island electricity prices closed slightly last week. Average prices were at $91.60/GJ and $69.37/GJ respectively.
  • Hydro levels remain above the average for the time of year, however they continue to fall away, currently at 105%.
  • As with International Carbon markets, prices for spot NZUs have continued to fall, currently at $23.25. This is the lowest prices have been since July 19. The surrender obligation included in our gas price is $1.26 ($/GJ).
Cathy Lawless, Markets Analyst Feb. 4, 2020, 11:07 p.m.