Solar as a generation type will soon be featured on em6 graphs, reports and APIs as a new solar farm begins dispatching power to the grid. If you are a customer using our API feeds, you may need to update your data ingestion methods. It's anticipated this data will start flowing through around the end of October. 

Lodestone's Kataia Solar Farm in Northland has a capacity of 23MW and will connect to the grid at node KOE1101 KSF0.

You'll notice a new generation type display on the NZ Generation graph on the premium dashboard, and the GWAP page and summary graph will be updated to also show solar. In the NZ Emissions download in the reports section, solar is added as a generation type.

Additionally, the following APIs will also begin returning results for solar generation:

  • Generation type API
  • Historic generation type API
  • Historic generation type API CSV
  • Node API
  • Scada Generation API
  • Scada Generation API CSV
  • Generation Weighted Average Price API
  • Generation Weighted Average Price and Energy Summary API

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nz generation with solar
EMS Oct. 17, 2023, 10 a.m.