Real time market and energy data, presented in understandable, insightful graphs and charts


Free, live market information

  • Regional spot prices
  • Generation data
  • Prices by key nodes over the past 24 hours
  • Carbon emissions and renewable energy indicators


Market dashboard

  • Load data at all nodes around New Zealand
  • Generation breakdown
  • HVDC flow data
  • Reserves and Island Load aggregated graphs

residuals wds

Peak Demand and RCPD

  • Residuals graph with residual information for New Zealand and North and South Islands
  • Data visualised for NRS, PRS, RTD and WDS schedules
  • Toggle to Regional Coincidental Peak Demand (RCPD) graph


Generation Average Weighted Price (GWAP)

  • Generation breakdown by month or daily
  • Refine by location or generation type
  • Price per megawatt insights
  • Filter and download



  • Dispatch and interim price graph showing trends and forecasts
  • Predicted load with iterations of long forecast against actual load showing changes in expected demand


Downloadable reports

Customisable reports easily downloaded in CSV format straight from our website.

  • SCADA load
  • Prices
  • Reserves
  • Arc Flow
  • Carbon emissions

Available report types depend on the package and data feeds you subscribe to.