EV Registry screenshot

Access the Evident Registry to manage your RECs and Facilities

Go to https://evident.app/login and login with your credentials.

What is the Evident Registry?

In partnership with the I-TRACK, the Evident Registry is a web portail that provides a fully auditable chain of custody record to support the trading of energy attribute certificates and uniquely verifiable claims of ownership by end-users.

How do i access the Evident Registry

Access to the Evident Registry Web portal is included a part of your sign-up to IREC(E) and provided by Evident.

As part of the sign up proces to IREC(E) Evident will provide you with access to the Evident.app web portal and the required Roles that you have requested at time of onboarding.

Evident Registry User Guides

User guides for Registrant and Participants are located on the Evident.app website here.