8 November 2023

The International REC Standard (I-REC Standard) and Avance Labs are proud to announce the I-REC for Hydrogen and Hydrogen Derivatives Product Code, I-REC(HX), which governs the certification process for hydrogen and hydrogen derivative fuels and products.

In January 2022, the I-REC Standard and Avance Labs finalised an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) to develop a Product Code for Hydrogen and Hydrogen Derivatives that would adhere to the strict requirements of the I-REC Standard’s International Attribute Tracking Standard (Standard).

The goal of the Hydrogen Product Code is to develop a tracking methodology that is fact-based, ex-post, and technology agnostic, which would form the basis for a certificate instrument for produced hydrogen. This mechanism will support claims for hydrogen usage including that of low or zero-carbon products, as well as regulatory compliance purposes.

In cooperation with the I-REC Standard, Accredited I-REC(HX) Code Manager Avance has created a robust and comprehensive product. In line with the requirements of the Standard, Avance is initiating a public consultation to review the I-REC(HX) Product Code in its entirety.

Before the launch the I-REC(HX) Product Code stakeholders from all sectors and entities are invited to partake in the consultation process. Such feedback and comments will be thoroughly considered as part of the continued efforts for increasing the strength and robustness of the I-REC(HX) Product Code.

The I-REC(HX) Product Code by Avance Labs provides a unique approach to the certification of hydrogen and hydrogen derivative fuels and products by combining several novel features such as interoperability of other I-REC Product Code Certificates (e.g., Electricity Certificates, Carbon Capture Certificates, etc.) and Labels which demonstrate compliance or non-compliance with different regulations globally.

To review and comment on the I-REC(HX) Product Code, download it from here.

Please send all feedback on the I-REC(HX) Product Code to the I-REC Standard secretariat via secretariat@irecstandard.org.

An online form for structured comments will be made available on this post and on the Consultation page of the I-REC Standard website within 7-days.

I-REC and Avance Labs Nov. 14, 2023, 10:27 a.m.