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em6 is an online information exchange that provides an effective, flexible and easily customisable method of accessing a broad range of electricity market data. The information is delivered via an internet browser, without having to install any software on your PC.

Once you are logged in, your homepage includes graphical representation of near real-time generation, load and price information, and can be customised to your preferences.

All em6 information can be downloaded in a comma separated format directly onto your PC. Plus, some em6 information is available via web services for automated download into your system.

em6 information includes:

  • SCADA - Eight reports detailing SCADA MW generation, load and HVDC at each node

  • RCPD – Eight regional coincident peak demand (RCPD) reports of load and current load peaks for each region

  • Constraints – Three reports detailing constraints on the NZ electricity grid

  • Dispatch - Report of dispatch instructions sent from the Transpower dispatcher

  • Reserves - Eleven reports detailing activity on the NZ electricity reserves market

  • Network - Four reports on circuitry, scheduled arc flows and market node details

  • Prices - Three reports detailing NZ electricity forecast, dispatch and final prices

You can download the em6 user guide and the sample access agreement below.

For more information please contact us.

      em6 User Guide v1.34    [download, 1.72Mb]   updated Oct 2013

      em6 Access Agreement sample document    [download, 976Kb]   updated Aug 2018