Dashboard and API packages covering all bases, to suit your needs


Free data and visuals

  • Public dashboard
  • North Island Wind Forecast dashboard
  • Current Regional Price API
  • Price Last 24 Hours API
  • Current Carbon Intensity API



Market Dashboard including these data feeds:

  • Recent Loads and API
  • Current Prices and API
  • HVDC Flows
  • North and South Island Load Trends
  • Generation Mix
  • Reserves

Up to five unique users


Pro Select

Everything in Basic or Basic RCPD plus your selection of the below data feeds:

  • Real-Time Load, Generation and HVDC (1min) API
  • SCADA Load, Generation and HVDC downloads and APIs
  • Market Prices* download and API (includes Trading dashboard)
  • Aggregated Reserves download, API and SFTP
  • Reserves by Source and Type SFTP
  • Arc Flows download, API and SFTP
  • Branch Constraints SFTP
  • Dispatch Data SFTP
  • Branch, Nodes and Market Nodes SFTP
  • Peak Demand and RCPD Load Monitoring dashboard, Residuals API and RCPD for all regions API
  • Current and Historic Carbon Intensity download and API
  • Generation Weighted Average Price (GWAP) and Energy Summary dashboard, downloads and API

Up to 10 unique users, each data feed individually priced

*Market Prices includes PRSS, NRSS, RTD, Interim and Final schedules for all pricing nodes

supplement your em6 package with detailed and dynamic carbon data


Dynamic Carbon Tracker

The Dynamic Carbon Tracker (DCT) is a standalone dashboard and API service that tracks Aotearoa’s progress toward climate targets by using the latest dynamic data to estimate New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions.

It is the only tool that captures change in New Zealand's emissions on a daily basis nationally and by sector. DCT aligns its reports with MfE's New Zealand Greenhouse Gas Inventory (NZGGI) and uses the dominant patterns in each sector efficiently to provide a dynamic and predictive model.

  • National emissions
  • Sector emissions
  • Emissions index

Available as a separate package or as part of your em6 subscription.