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em6 Load Forecast

Energy Market Services has partnered with TESLA to deliver a new subscription based, conforming load forecasting service to the New Zealand Industry. Updated forecasts are provided every 30 minutes, out to 14 days in advance. The forecast can be accessed through em6 and via web-services.

The regional forecasts provide data that can deliver value to many organisations. Examples of these benefits include:

• basis risk management
• scheduling of generation for revenue and portfolio optimisation
• management of network and peak load
• analysis of demand to optimise peak load connection charges
• forecast analysis of market prices
• demand response


RCPD based forecasts are also available, providing a key insight into forecast peak periods for anyone monitoring Regional Coincident Peak Demand.

The em6 Load Forecast utilises the TELSA load forecast model, 30 minute SCADA along with weather forecast and observations.

You can access up to seven weather variables, including temperature, humidity, cloud, wind speed, wind direction, rain, and radiation.

You can also view temperature based load sensitivities, based on temperature variations of +/- 3 degrees Celsius.

Please contact us for more information or to arrange a demonstration of em6 Load Forecast.

To download the em6 user guide and the sample access agreement click here.

Load Forecast